Red Tree Kids

Children’s Ministry

At Red Tree our kids are challenged to trust God, make wise choices, and build lasting friendships.  We are committed to investing in every child’s life by showing them the love of Christ.  We do that in a fun, exciting way.  Every week there is a key truth or main point that we drive home. It’s the ONE THING we want kids to understand and grab onto. Our strategy is one that combines the critical influences of the church and home to incite wonder, provoke discovery and fuel passion in the hearts of the next generation.

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Nursery (Birth - 2yrs)

In the nursery, we believe children begin learning about who God is from day one.  Before moving to the next class, we want them to know God made them, Jesus loves them, their family loves them, and the people at church are there to help them.

Pre-K (2yrs - 4yrs)

Once your child begins walking and talking, lessons are reinforced through activities, play, and crafts. We want our toddlers to know: that the people at church are there to love them and to want to teach them, that God gives them rules because he loves them and so they can enjoy the things he has made, that Jesus grew up with a family too and that the Bible has stories about him.

5 years old - 2nd Grade

Everything we teach our early elementary is based on one of three simple, but powerful, truths. God made me, God loves me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Through age appropriate activities, we are building their spiritual foundation so that by the time they graduate to Kindergarten they know these three basic truths.

3rd - 5th Grade

By the time children reach 3rd grade, we shift our emphasis to their actions and how they affect others. Their activities and lessons focus on knowing they can trust God no matter what and they should treat others the way they want to be treated while making wise choices.

Kids Check In

The security and safety of your child or children is very important to us! That’s why we use a check in system that helps you drop off & pick up your kiddo(s) quickly and securely. Our system generates a tag for you and your child, ensuring you’re the only one who can pick up your child after the experience. It also provides a name tag for your child that allows our volunteers to teach and play games with your child on a first name basis. This same tag can also show important allergy information or medical information to make sure everyone enjoys Red Tree Kids to the fullest!

Complete the preregistration form to get a head start on Sunday! Once complete, you can sign in using your phone number at any of our kids check in stations.

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